Privacy policy

Last modified: 10. 04. 2019

Personal data is important. Safeguarding it, even more so. That is why GeoEnergetika d.o.o. (hereinafter GeoEnergetika) is taking special care to handle the personal data that we collect from users on the basis of their consent in accordance with the relevant legislation (EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR and the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act among others).

GeoEnergetika collects a number of different types of information on its Visy website. Personal data, however, is only collected on the basis of explicit given consent by users which input this data in the relevant contact forms. We store, process and use personal data of users only for those purposes for which a valid legal interest exists or to the extent necessary in order to achieve the purpose for which this data was originally obtained.

GeoEnergetika reserves the right to modify its Privacy policy at any time and without prior notification.



What: Log files with information such as your IP address, your web browser version, type of OS, the date and time of access to our website, and other information about your system and connection are automatically created on the server of our hosting provider.

Why: Ensuring the security of connection and data.

How long: Two years.


What: Users of this website have the option of subscribing to our newsletter. In order to do so, they are required to submit their e-mail address, name, and surname. By confirming their entry, users consent that GeoEnergetika can store and use their data for the purposes of sending them newsletters and other promotional messages. Users consent that this data will also be stored on the server, which hosts the Visy webpage, and on the servers of the chosen email marketing provider through which GeoEnergetika sends out its newsletter and other promotional messages. The chosen email marketing provider also gathers data about the recipients’ responses (device’s technical information, delivery of the communication, if the communication was opened and if contained links were clicked etc.). It stores and processes personal data in accordance wtih its privacy policy, published on its website, and local regulations.

Why: GeoEnergetika needs this data in order to send users newsletters and other marketing materials to which they subscribed to.

How long: Data is stored until users unsubscribe from the list of recipients (withdraw their consent). Users can do so directly by clicking the appropriate link in the received e-mails or by sending the request to from the same e-mail address that was used to subscribe to our marketing activities.


What: Users of this website can send messages and questions to GeoEnergetika by using the appropriate contact form in which they can enter their name and surname, e-mail address, landline and mobile number, company name, industry, and job position. The entered data is stored in GeoEnergetika’s information system and on the server, which hosts the Visy webpage.

Why: GeoEnergetika needs this data for the purposes of business correspondence with users that have contacted the company with messages or questions.

How long: GeoEnergetika stores this data until valid reasons for this exist (such as the existence of a business relationship, ongoing communication, or a valid legal interest) or until users withdraw their consent by sending the appropriate request to from the same e-mail address that was entered in the contact form.


What: During the process of online purchase through the Visy web store, users are able to enter different types of information that are needed for a successful transaction to take place: company’s name and tax number, personal name and surname, e-mail address, phone number, and address. The data is stored in GeoEnergetika’s information system and on the server that hosts the Visy webpage.

If the user chooses to make an online payment, the above-mentioned data is also sent to the online payment service provider Paypal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A (hereinafter Online payment service provider). The user also provides the Online payment service provider other necessary information for concluding the act of payment (such as debit/credit card number, CVV code etc.) to which GeoEnergetika does not have access. The Online service payment provider stores personal data of users in accordance with its privacy policy and national and European regulations.

Why: GeoEnergetika needs this data for the purposes of fulfilling the users’ orders, such as invoicing and payment, delivery of ordered items, and communicating with users about their orders (which includes communication about received payment, dispatching of orders, transit information, providing information and handling complaints). GeoEnergetika can also provide the personal data to third parties if this is necessary for order fulfillment (for example logistical companies) and regulatory compliance.

How long: GeoEnergetika stores this data until valid reasons for it exist (underlying business transaction, warranty period, ongoing communication, valid legal interest). 


  • Temporary or session cookies are not stored but are deleted each time you close your browser.
  • Permanent or persistent cookies remain saved even after you close your browser. They are used for storing information about registration, language settings, traffic analysis etc. They are stored on your computer for days, months or even years.
  • 1st party cookies from a web page being viewed by the user can be permanent or temporary. The web page uses these cookies to store information and will re-use them the next time the user visits the page.
  • 3rd party cookies originate from other partner web pages (for example, they show ads on the original web page or measure traffic). Third party pages can use them for gathering user data from various websites and use them for various reasons, such as advertising, analysis or improving their products. 

Why: Cookies are small text files that are stored on the users’ device when they visit and browse the Visy website. They enable the optimization and customization of the users’ website experience (for example by recalling their language settings or active logins) as well as statistical measurements of the number of website visits (web analytics). With the exception of strictly necessary cookies – cookies that are needed for the website to operate properly (strictly used for communication transmission or for providing a service explicitly requested by users) – users can reject all of the other cookies.

Until when:

Source of cookie Name of cookie Location Purpose Cookie storage time
Visy .tt-geolux-website all pages This cookie is intended for providing a better user experience for a registered visitor 1 year
Visy .tt-wp-anonymous all pages This cookie is intended for providing a better user experience for a registered visitor /
Visy AllowCookies all pages Sookie settings 1 year
Visy _ga, _gat, _gid all pages Allows monitoring and analysis of site visits (Google Analytics) 2 years, 1 day, 1 day

The rights of users with respect to their personal data and ways of contacting us

Users have the right to access their collected personal data, to demand its rectification or erasure and to set restrictions with respect to its further processing. Users also have the right to transfer their personal data, to object to its processing on the basis of a valid legal interest or to withdraw their previously given consent to such processing.

Users can report problems, ask questions and enforce their above-mentioned rights, which includes the right of withdrawal of consent, by writing to